Testimonials To Our Custom Work Creating Conservatories

Here are Letters of Conservatory Recommendation and comments from just some of the many homeowners, Architects, and builders that we’ve done conservatory business with over the years.

"My greenhouse conservatory is the focus of my home. I spend all my free time relaxing with my plants in the greenhouse."

Houston, TX

"We live in the conservatory. We eat all our meals in the conservatory. I can't imagine ever living in a house without one."

Minnetonka, MN

"We love our pool enclosure. We swim everyday of the year. It is so beautiful and we love the stain glass in the lantern."

New Jersey

"Conservatory Craftsmen helped us to modify the plans and brought the project in within budget. They were the easiest contractors to work with in the entire National Harbor project."

Mary Ellen Slattery, Project Construction Mgr.
Peterson Companies - National Harbor Project, Maryland

"We found Jim and his team to be very dependable and professional. They are craftsmen and artists. They listen carefully and help develop projects from the idea stage to completion."

Lou & Cass

"We kept the thermostat at 55 at night and 65 during the day and it was about $40 extra a month for heating [our greenhouse conservatory]. That also included the lights so I thought that was pretty good. The conservatory is a wonderful place to be on cold winter days when the sun is shining!!!"


"Conservatory Craftsmen built our new 4 season sunroom, and we had a great experience. Everyone who worked on our room was very professional, and we were comfortable having them in our home. We had never done a project like this before, and their expertise was invaluable. In addition, we had some last minute ideas and change of plans, and they were very patient with us, and made sure the room turned out the way we wanted.

Our room is great, and we use it all the time. We love the fireplace and mantle, and we get tons of compliments on both. It truly is a 4 season room, and a wonderful addition to our house."


"Sorry to hear about another instance where an unscrupulous builder promises to build a dream conservatory, takes a large prepayment, and then disappears. As Jim mentioned, there are at least four of us in the Twin Cities who have had a similar experience with a firm called [name omitted].

I have made every effort to complete the dream and with the help of Jim and Mike Hewitt we are in the final stages of making the dream a reality. Jim and Mike know conservatories and they know how to work with their clients. They have earned my respect, confidence, and appreciation in taking a "nightmare" back to a pleasant "dream" and then turning the "dream" into a reality.

The planning and building processes coupled with the extraordinary elegance, beauty, and splendor of the conservatory they have created have caused the "pain" from the [other company] process to fade. Now that I can see the result, I am able to look back and honestly say that I am happy I started the journey.

I hope you have a positive outcome to your journey; I know you will be very comfortable and pleased in working with Jim and Mike; they are truly Conservatory Craftsmen.

Best regards,"

Bob Bolitsky

"Jim installed a conservatory on to our house and he did his work flawlessly and quickly. Unfortunately, we had contracted with a separate company to complete the basework, kneewall, siding, electrical, sheetrocking and flooring, but were quite disgusted with their performance and fired them before they had completed all of their work. Instead, we've now asked Jim to complete the work that remains (siding, electrical, flooring, sheetrocking and a bit of interior framing). I wish we had gone with him for everything right from the start!! He is very thorough and meticulous and at the same time, he works like a demon and completes the work quickly. He's also very flexible and has been able to work around my weird schedule here at home (he'd be done with the work already if he hadn't had to contend with my chaotic schedule!)."

D Webb

"Quite simply, my husband and I can't say enough good things about Jim and his crew. They are superb craftsmen, honorable businessmen, and extremely pleasant folks to have around! Our project presented some unique challenges, and we still marvel at the creativity and confidence with which they approached each aspect. They unfailingly showed up when they said they would, and there were no surprises in their invoices; the only cost overruns were attributable to changes we made. By the time we reached the final finish stage, we were so in love with our new space that we abandoned our original idea of doing the cosmetic stuff ourselves and asked Jim to just keep working! He and his partners applied wainscoting, trim, a plank ceiling and a faux plaster finish with the same professionalism that they'd brought to the rough construction stage. He brought in a subcontractor only once, to do some stucco repair where a door had been removed, and this work was also beautifully done - it's impossible to detect where the new stucco meets the old.

Congratulations on finding Jim to realize your home improvement dreams! You won't be disappointed. "

J Quigley

"I'm impressed, even after seeing as many conservatories as I have over your years of building them. There is no reason that someone who is interested in a conservatory should ever question the value that you bring to such a value-added addition to their property."


"We sold our house in the first week. Our buyer walked in, saw the conservatory and immediately made an offer. She said the conservatory is what sold her."

Williamsburg, VA

"They have a great product and are good guys to work with."

John (Architect)
Milwaukee, WI

"This is simply the most knowledgeable conservatory builder in America!"

Santa Barbara, CA

"They made my project complete. They were great to work with and my customer loves the conservatory."

Tampa, FL