Swimming Pool Enclosures

Making Sure Your Swimming Pool Enclosure Looks Fantastic and Protects Your Pool

Swimming Pool EnclosureA swimming pool is a big investment for your home. So why would you limit the use of the pool to only certain weather and seasons? Use your pool every day, no matter what the weather or climate you live in. Enclose it in a beautiful conservatory, enhancing the look and value of your home while you make it more useful.

Large span structures of this nature require portal frames – secondary support systems that carry the large span load of your Conservatory.

For that reason, these structures require special care in design and engineering, as well as environmental design to maintain proper temperature and humidity. Conservatory Craftsmen are highly trained and experienced at designing and building long-lasting, quality (and beautiful!) pool enclosures.

Imagine enjoying your pool for recreation or exercise 24-7, 365 days of the year!

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