Your Glass Options In Your Conservatory

The decision to live “green” takes a focused effort.  If you’re reading this, maybe you’ve already decided to try to lead a healthier and more sustainable life, lessening your impact on the planet and being more energy-efficient.

You might think that a conservatory would be an energy drain.  Quite the opposite is true!  With the right materials and smart building, your conservatory can be an energy center for the home. Conservatory Craftsmen has the knowledge and experience to help you to achieve your goals in energy efficiency.

Conservatory Crafstmen can put your Solar Collection right into the Roof Glass!

Choose The Right Materials

First is material selection. No PVCu (vinyl) is incorporated into our product.  Read why no PVCu here.

We use either Aluminum or Wood in the fabrication of our conservatory. Aluminum is 90% recycled material. Our wood comes from certified, managed, sustainable and renewable forests.

Glass Selection

The glass selection is designed to achieve any goal you have in mind. Light transmission can be over 80% or less than 30%. From one extreme to another, we can help select the most efficient glass for your project. The Heat Gain coefficient can be over 50% or under 20%. This decision is a matter of design and the end goal for the project you are building. Our PV roof products can offer up to 50% shading right in the glass!.

Maintain a Sustainable Food Supply

Use your Conservatory to grow your own food.  Manage your indoor garden with automated growing supplies, such as automatic watering, continuous temperature and humidity control, and hydroponic supplies for intense plant production.
Conservatory Craftsmen can help you all the way!

Solar design

We can help you to design:

  • Choose BIPV Solar Glazing
  • Trombe walls to collect solar energy and disperse it at night. Along with this, thermal mass collection like water columns or masonry mass are used for heat collection.
  • A Solar Chimney to cool your conservatory in hot months
  • Geothermal heating or cooling using the earth’s stored mass.
  • Consider using hydronic, in-floor heating methods
  • PV (photovoltaics) are now available with the solar photo cells incorporated right into the glass panels

All of these can be seen at our Main Showroom.  See how we pay your way!

Let Conservatory Craftsmen help you take it to the next GREEN level

Do all these terms make your head spin?  Conservatory Craftsmen can help you plan and build the GREEN Conservatory of your dreams. Contact us today for more information or use our form to Request a Quote.

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