Conservatory Options

Leaded Glass

A beautiful addition, especially on historic buildings, beveled or leaded glass dresses up your windows.

Specialty Muntins

Muntins are the separators between the panes of glass in your conservatory windows. Dressing them up with special designs can enhance the flavor of your conservatory, especially when matching it to a specific type of architecture. Here are some choices of muntins:
Conservatory Option Muntin 1 Conservatory Option Muntin 2 Conservatory Option Muntin 3 Conservatory Option Muntin 4 Conservatory Option Muntin 5

Mirage Screens

Retractable screens come standard with every opening window on your Conservatory. French Door screens (shown below) are optional.
Conservatory Option French Door Mirage 1 Conservatory Option French Door Mirage 2 Conservatory Option French Door Mirage 3

Conservatory Blinds

Control the temperature and light in your conservatory with beautiful blinds, especially sized for your windows.


Automated Roof Vents

Roof vents that are motorized can also automate by tempature and have rain sensors!  Open the roof simply and automatically!

Conservatory Option Ceiling Fan



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