Timber Conservatories

Timber ConservatoriesOur timber conservatories are truly the finest furniture grade, hand crafted Sepele Mahogany. Mahogany is a very stable, structural wood. It is rated with a 100-year life span by the British Board of Standards. Properly maintained, it will last even longer.

Why select a wood/timber conservatory?

  • Historic buildings and properties often require conservatories to be made using materials and joinery methods that more closely match original construction
  • Local building codes may require wood/timber
  • Luxury homes built with extensive detail are complimented by the detailing that can only be achieved in timber

An Environmentally Sound Solution

Our mahogany comes from managed and sustainable forests in Africa. Timber is a renewable resource and, while it is growing, acts as a carbon sink. It is durable and contains no harmful by-products. It is truly a green product.

TRADA QM Conservatories Mahogany from West Africa is much more dense and suitable for timber frame conservatories than any other timber. Sepele and Utile mahogany are much more stable than Miranti (Asian mahogany) and more malleable than Honduran mahogany. Unlike Cedar or Redwood, which are in short supply and too soft for structural construction, Sepele and Utilile do not bleed tannin and do not require stain blocking shellac.

Our mahogany supplier is approved by TRADA Certification to ISO9001 for the supply of materials and systems used in the manufacture of these windows and conservatories.


Mortise and tenon joint Conservatories Joinery on our timber conservatories is performed by a patented method of mitre – crimping the windows and doors in a manner that protects the end grain of the wood, and does not allow moisture to attack the vulnerable mitres of mortise and tennon joinery.

Paints and Stains

Using microporous stains and paints create a virtually maintenance-free surface. Our mahogany conservatories are painted or stained in controlled environments, stabilizing the moisture at the time of application. We only use microporous paints and stains, allowing the wood to breathe – unlike other paints that trap all moisture inside the wood. All the surfaces of the wood are coated: top, bottom and inside out. This painting system also allows us to color match any paint or stain color you desire.

Roof Capping

Wood Roofcapping ConservatoriesOur timber conservatories are maintenance-free from the eaves on up! All powdercoated, aluminum roof cappings are installed over the insulated glass panels on the roof. Finials and roof crestings are all powdercoated, cast aluminum.

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