No PVC – Why?

Conservatory Interior“All that glitters is not gold” is a wise old saying.

When you surf the internet and look at all the companies that sell conservatories, remember that most of the photographs you see are of conservatories made of PVC.  In a recent list of internet sites featuring conservatories, 18 were found to be constructed of PVC materials.

They look attractive, sure.  So what’s the problem with a conservatory constructed of PVC?  And what is PVC, anyway?

PVC, polyvinylchloride or just simply “vinyl” as most Americans know it, has invaded every part of our life and our homes.

In building products it is sold as being “non-maintenance.” The fact is, it may be non-maintenance while it lasts, but the UV rays of the sun deteriorate PVC and in 10-15 years you don’t have to maintain it, you just have to replace it!

In conservatories, almost all window/roofs which are made of vinyl are manufactured in Europe. Why? Because in Europe they allow the additives of cadmium and other harmful chemicals to be added to the PVC to resist the effects of the sun. These chemicals do extend the life of the product, but at great harm to the environment and toxic pollution. That is the reason they cannot produce vinyl of this sort in the USA.

Also, vinyl is not a product which can be recycled. Take a look at the video and attachment on this web site: The facts are, PVC is toxic to the environment when it is produced, in the home and when it goes to the landfill.

Remember the vivid pictures of Viktor Yushchenko when he was poisoned by Dioxin? Still think PVC is not harmful to us or the environment?

Why is it then that Target, Sears, Wal-Mart are all emptying their shelves of all products made of PVC or packaged in it?

Still think that a PVC conservatory is a bargain?

Conservatory Craftsmen has had many calls to replace PVC conservatories as little as 10 years old that have deteriorated.

The life expectancy of a properly constructed and powdercoated aluminum conservatory is 50+ years. The life expectancy of our Sepele Mahogany Conservatory is rated at 100+ years. And these are both environmentally green and sustainable products, with no ill effects to the environment or the user.

I cannot argue that a PVC conservatory will not be a cheaper investment, initially, but the cost in the long run is high.

If this has piqued your interest in the toxic affects of PVC, then rent the documentary called Blue Vinyl (DVD available from Netflix), or go to and learn more about this horrible and dangerous material.

If you are dreaming of bathing in light and relaxing in the warmth of your own conservatory, you want a conservatory that is designed and appointed exactly to your taste, and preference. Color should be whatever you want. Design should fit your home like a glove. Craftsmen should build it for you, and just for you. Choose the green product that is the one and only of it’s kind in America.