Aluminum Conservatories

Lean-To ConservatoriesWhat makes our conservatories so unique? For one thing, when you say color, we say, “Name it!” We will custom powdercoat – not shop paint, but certified powdercoating – any color you want.

Aluminum framing is what holds the glass in tall glass office buildings in place. Yet, when you touch the window frame, it is not cold or wet. Why? It is separated by a non metal strip called a thermal break. A thermal break means the aluminum frame on the inside does not touch the aluminum frame on the outside. This commercial technology, now available in Conservatory Craftsmen products, also means you can have one color on the inside and another on the outside! No one else offers this unique feature!

The Advantages of Aluminum

  • Thermal breaks allow different colors inside and out. While white is standard, any color you desire is available.
  • Aluminum is powdercoated. This hardest of all paint surfaces is virtually maintenance free.

    Powdercoat by H.B Fuller.

  • Aluminum is durable and, unlike Vinyl (uPVC), it will never degrade in sunlight.
  • Aluminum is structural. Yet thin, clean lines prevail, unlike vinyl.
  • Aluminum is rust free: great for high moisture rooms like a pool/hot tub areas or greenhouses. All fasteners are blind fastened and made of stainless steel to insure long life.
  • Structural aluminum can span large distances for commercial applications or large residential rooms.

A Sampler of Aluminum Conservatories

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3 Bay High Sides Conservatories 3 Bay Aluminum Conservatories Sunburst Gable Conservatories P-Shape Conservatories Commercial Conservatories