Conservatory Designs

We custom design our conservatories and greenhouses to match your use requirements and architecture. Your conservatory or greenhouse can be free-standing or attached to the house. Scroll down to view the different shapes and types of conservatories there are to choose from.

3 Bay Conservatory

3 Bay High Sides ConservatoryThis beautiful, powder-coated aluminum conservatory features custom stained glass on high side (clerestory transom) windows, over arched muntins. The inset on the large picture shows the home before the conservatory was added.

3 Bay Brick ConservatoryTruly an indoor garden paradise, this Hardwood Conservatory graces arch muntins, and dentil molding over the high side, transom windows. Careful attention to matching the brick knee wall to the house makes the structure fit, like original construction.

3 Bay Aluminum ConservatoriesA beautiful aluminum 3 Bay Conservatory is the center of life in this suburban home. Morning coffee to evening relaxation all take place here.

Lean-To Conservatory

Lean-To ConservatoriesNotice how well this simple aluminum Lean-To Conservatory fits this lovely home, by merely matching the color scheme of the house trim. Now a year-round room to enjoy the garden has become itself a part of the garden. Want to change the shape of the Lean-To? By simply cutting off the corners, we create a “Double Edwardian.”

Gable Conservatory

Gable ConservatoriesThis lovely Hardwood Conservatory displays a radius Sunburst on the gable, and dentil molding on the eave. Note the careful designing that brings the ridge just below the upstairs window. Careful design is no accident!

Sunburst Gable ConservatoriesThis bright and sunny Aluminum Gable Conservatory displays a sunburst muntins gable and leaded roses on the transom windows. What a great place to relax at the end of the day!

Gable ConservatoriesA gable conservatory that blends in with the house and garden. This conservatory features arched muntins, french doors, and a sunburst muntin in the transom windows that matches one in the house itself. Beautiful touches!

P-Shape Conservatory

P-Shape ConservatoriesCombination of shapes and styles create design intrigue and allows the designer to span larger areas cost-effectively. This design is called a ‘P’ shape Conservatory because the 3 Bay portion of the room is attached to the Lean To and the resulting shape resembles a P. This particular conservatory is constructed of aluminum.

Lantern Conservatory

Lantern ConservatoriesA great look for historic buildings, the lantern roof allows wider spans, and incorporates operating windows to allow the hot air to escape.

Lantern ConservatoryHere’s a lantern conservatory in the final stage of installation.

Other Types of Conservatories

5 Bay Conservatories Hip Roof Conservatories B Shape Conservatories T Shape Conservatories