Winter living in your conservatory

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Whatever type of glass enclosure you want to build, you may feel like it won’t be as effective a living space in the winter because of the temperature outside. This is actually a misconception; with the right kind of design and execution, winter living in your conservatory is very possible, even if you reside in a


Throughout my years of work on a variety of different kinds of structures, I have learned that there are three main materials used for building a greenhouse: mahogany or other types of wood, aluminum, and glass. Each of these three materials has a specific purpose for those who are building a greenhouse or conservatory.

Geothermal heating/cooling is one of the best ways to effectively cool or heat any given space because it uses the natural temperature variances of the earth to change the temperature in a certain area. While you may know that geothermal heating/cooling is beneficial, not everyone understands exactly why it is such an excellent technique.


Winter weather brings some big challenges with it when it comes to keeping a conservatory-style roof in good condition. Winter ice and snow that builds up on roof windows or skylights can cause moisture damage to the wood parts of conservatories and rooftops. The weight of the snow and ice on the roof of a

Greenhouses of the future

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Greenhouses are important for facilitating plant life in a variety of settings: whether they are residential or commercial in nature, the most advanced greenhouses of today are the ones that have sophisticated features that improve their energy efficiency, optimize their ability to grow plants, and create less work for their owners. Here are some of

Sheridan Road Magazine Feature

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#flashbackfriday to our feature in the August 2012 Sheridan Road Magazine.   A  Breathtaking Perspective by Jenna Schubert The beauty and wonder of a conservatory makes it one of the most sought-after and admired rooms in the home and commercial design industry. For the team at Conservatory Craftsmen, based in suburban Minneapolis, there literally is

Mill Pond Conservatory, Connecticut

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View from Pond

A little over 3 years ago, a prospective client from Greenwich, Connecticut contacted us and told us he had plans to restore a water mill and convert it into a spectacular conservatory space. His plan was to remove the rotted water wheel and have a new one built in its place. The addition was to be


Conservatory Craftsmen was called upon to design and replace two aging greenhouses in a beautiful home in Hanover, Pennsylvania. The greenhouses were built in 1939 using curved single glass which is impossible to repair or replace and wooden slats over the top to keep down solar glare, but they too had reached a point of

Smart Home Automation

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Today’s modern family loves to add space to the house in a manner that adds light to the house, and does not reduce it, like a standard room addition will. The conservatory in today’s world also allows families to grow healthy plants and crops for eating and seasoning. However, it can be difficult to maintain

Growing Winter Crops

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building a greenhouse

These days people are more conscious than ever about what they’re eating. More and more people are opting to produce their own sources of fresh food that they can feed their families. Growing winter crops is a great option for people all around the country. Whether you live in Minnesota and you want to make