Conservatory BlindsA beautiful, well-designed conservatory deserves nothing less than the most exceptional blinds. Available in a range of colors, our impressive collection of conservatory blinds will showcase your conservatory design. They will create a warm ambiance that makes your conservatory a relaxing place to work or unwind alone or with family, anytime of the year, regardless of the temperature outside.

Our blinds employ a unique laminated material, a highly reflective film called Aluminized Mylar, which was developed by NASA to protect astronauts by reflecting solar heat away from lunar craft. This advanced technology has been put it into energy-saving materials that prevent up to 50% of heat loss or gain, so you can control the temperature and light in your conservatory all year ’round.

After all, conservatories must have the best possible protection from the ravaging effects of sunlight. No matter if you use your conservatory for growing plants or as your home’s special place of relaxation, it must have the benefit of perfect climactic control.

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