When reading about conservatories, you may have run across some unfamiliar conservatory terms. We have marked these conservatory terms with a dashed underline. If you place your mouse over the conservatory term, you will see the definition pop up next to it. This will occur throughout the conservatory site.

Blind fastened
An invisible method of joining or attaching two or more items where the a fastener (screw, nail or other) is not visible

Also clearstory (pronounced CLEAR story) rows of windows above eye level that allow light into a space

Dentil molding
A small tooth-shaped block used as a repeating ornament

Forcing a base metal (frequently aluminum), at a malleable temperature, through a die to achieve a desired shape

The pointed decorative part of the roof at the end of the ridge

The action of pre-building a timber conservatory in our shop

Knee Wall
Short wall, usually three to five feet in height

(pronounced MUHN tin) A strip of wood or metal separating and holding panes of glass in a window

A partially solid roof conservatory

The type of paint on aluminum that is applied under high heat and melts on the surface of the metal: very hard, non-corrosive paint which can match any existing trim color on your house

Portal Frames
The substructure rigid frame used on large conservatories

Roof Capping
Capping the roof glass to make the roof waterproof

Roof Crestings
The arch cresting on the ridge and the finial at the apex designed to be decorative and also keep the birds off the roof (cause you know what they do do!)

3-season room addition, usually not insulated

Contemporary designed sun structure, always constructed of aluminum

Thermal Break
The physical break or layer between two pieces of aluminum, designed to prevent the aluminum from conducting cold, heat and condensation

A window over a door or another window that may be fixed or capable of being opened for ventilation