Residential Conservatories Gallery

Ridgewood, NJ
Our homeowner bought the home with an existing wooden conservatory already in place. Having been built only 15 years previous, the room was a disaster. I also add that this room was built of inferior woods, not Sepele Mahogany, as ours are. Here is the glorious outcome!
Double Custom Conservatories, PA
The stone farm house boots not one but two custom timber conservatories. One used as a living area and the other a greenhouse.
Custom Timber Conservatory, NJ
Simply Stunning. The exquisite details, inside and out, make this project at showstopper. In person it will take your breath away and make you fall in love with the idea of a Conservatory. Only the experts at Conservatory Craftsmen are capable of a project like this.
Minneapolis, MN MODEL
The Minneapolis Model is a Modified 3-Bay with a Lantern, boosting over 400 sq.ft. This impressive space is constructed of solid clear-coated Mahogany and insulated glass.
Custom Conservatory Pool Cover
This impressive Conservatory Pool cover has changed these homeowners lives completely. The Conservatory had now become the entertainment spot for the neighborhood! Browse this gallery and you will see why.
Manhattan, NY Residence
The highly custom project sits atop a four story residence in the heart of Manhattan. Custom colored to match the building trim this greenhouse/ Conservatory boosts over 700 sq.ft. and 16′ side walls, perfect for citrus trees!
Green Custom Conservatory, MN
The Conservatory frame is Powdercoated Aluminum for a seamless tie-in to the existing home. This is the most ‘Green’ Conservatory we have built! Custom grow boxes and specialized heating and cooling make this project truly self-sustaining.