Conservatory Designs

Conservatory Craftsmen designs custom conservatories and greenhouses to complement the architecture of your house, and can be built free standing or as a room addition. We help assess which design is the right fit for your home, and recommend the best material for the way you intend to use your conservatory. Scroll down to view the different shapes and types of conservatories.



3 Bay Conservatory

The showcase feature of this Victorian-style 3 Bay Conservatory is the custom stained glass on the high side windows over decorative arched muntins. Constructed of powder-coated aluminum, this conservatory was built as an addition onto a suburban home, with a stone knee wall to visually connect the two structures. A lantern roof allows maximum light and adds a unique feature to the outside of the house. The inset picture shows the home before the conservatory was added.


Gable Conservatory

The front of this Georgian-style Gable Conservatory features a roof that doesn’t slope back to the center- instead, the front of the conservatory stays upright like the end of a house. Considered a less ornate design than the Victorian style, this custom powdercoated aluminum conservatory includes a sunburst muntins gable and leaded roses on the transom windows.


Lean-To ConservatoryThe seamless addition of this Lean-To Conservatory is achieved by coordinating the house trim with the powder coated aluminum, which can be customized to match the exterior of your home. The simple design optimizes indoor/outdoor living, as the year round enclosure has become an extension of the garden. A similar design, called the Double Edwardian, can be created by cutting off the corners.


P-Shape Conservatory

The P-shape Conservatory is created when the 3 Bay and the Lean-To designs are combined. The integration of styles creates structural intrigue and allows the builder to add square footage while still being cost-effective. It is ideal for families who want a versatile space for living, dining and playing. This aluminum conservatory was built off of the home to incorporate a greenhouse and a dining area.

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