As energy costs continue to rise and environmental concerns grow, it helps to start thinking about ways on how you can minimize your home’s daily energy consumption. There are now ways for you to conserve and offset the amount of non-renewable energy your household uses on a daily basis. There are also ways for you

Greenhouses of the future

Wednesday, 17 December 2014 by

Greenhouses are important for facilitating plant life in a variety of settings: whether they are residential or commercial in nature, the most advanced greenhouses of today are the ones that have sophisticated features that improve their energy efficiency, optimize their ability to grow plants, and create less work for their owners. Here are some of

Solar Conservatories

Monday, 08 September 2014 by

Solar technology isn’t new. Its history began in the 7th century when people concentrated the sun’s energy to make fires. Today we can have everything solar powered, from cars to space stations! Building science engineers and architects have been learning how to capture this solar energy efficiently into the outer surface of the building using solar

This highly functional Conservatory was constructed in the extreme climate of Minneapolis, MN. This Powdercoated Aluminum conservatory is custom tinted to match the trim of the existing home for seamless integration. If we were measuring ‘green’ project this would be the brightest!  Notice the existing Solar Panels. The homeowner watches his electric use very carefully from month to month

As we mentioned in Part I, we were in the process of creating a “green” conservatory for Paula of Ecological Gardens. A laundry list of issues had to be explored and dealt with for the final design. Glass was the first big subject. Tremendous research and technology has been introduced to the glass industry in the

Last July, a client named Paula and her design team of Jon and Ted at Design Forty Five contacted us with a project we were excited to embrace. Paula, a well known writer, speaker and active ecological gardener wanted to continue vegetable gardening in the off-season in her Minneapolis home. She and her husband Marc wanted to add

Are Conservatories “Green?”

Wednesday, 22 October 2008 by

Many of us share the disappointment that something as pure and clean as “green” has now become a buzz word for marketers to get your attention and make a profit. Let’s keep it simple. If it’s “green,” that means it warms the planet less, uses less non-renewable fuel, creates a smaller carbon footprint, is renewable


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