Conservatory Interior

I’m often asked the question, “How does a conservatory differ from a sunroom? A greenhouse? An atrium?

For a builder in this niche market, it’s like asking how a T shirt differs from a dress shirt or how a sedan differs from a luxury car. Some things you just know. A car gets you there on 4 wheels, (well most of the time!). A shirt covers your body, right?

A sunroom lets the sun in, right? So why is one a conservatory, the other a sunroom?

Let’s explore. In general terms, quality and longevity make the difference. A sunroom is typically manufactured with lower quality materials than the house it is attached to. Stick built structures by quality carpenters do not fit this discussion, and can be of high quality. Is the roof solid or glass?  Most mass-manufactured sunrooms are the quality level of a trailer home. Thin walls, screws exposed and right through the face surface of the structure, (eventually rusting) low insulation level of the glass and walls. And, how much did it cost?

Professional Conservatory Builders

Monday, 11 November 2013 by

Only hire professional conservatory installers to fit your room

Open Letter to Michelle Obama

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Mrs. Michelle Obama 1600 Pennsylvania Ave Washington DC It’s time to bring your garden inside! We were happy to learn of the bold move you made to restore a garden on the White House lawn  and certainly hope you and the First Family have enjoyed the fruits of your labor. But frankly, it’s time for the

The Art of Window Washing

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This is the time of year when one looks outside and says ‘I will never get it all done!” Leaves just popping out, the kid’s winter toys and sleds in the yard, the dog, oh my! And look at all the dead spots in the yard. Then, without the courtesy of even waiting until you

Project Profile; Bergen County, NJ

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Last month our team was on-site of another conservatory replacement. It is sad to see conservatories built a short time ago that need to be replaced because someone either didn’t know or understand the issues created when water finds its way into the conservatory. Prematurely, the materials will rot and fail, and before you know

Orchids at the New York Botanical Conservatory have been getting a lot of attention lately on These botanic wonders are the pinnacle of cultivation in the conservatory as we know from our many customers whose favorite pastime is the culture of orchids. However, one would  be reticent not to mention the conservatory show also

Planning a stateside spring break vacation? Nothing will put a spring in your step like a visit to your local botanical gardens. Professional horticulturists with years of experience are working tirelessly across the United State to ready their displays for spring. Follow us as we tour our favorite American conservatories: 1) San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers Why should

Any structure that  leaks, accumulate moisture or has been rendered useless due to damage can be a big problem for homeowners.  But how do you know if your greenhouse conservatory needs a repair, refurbishment or replacement? Yesterday I received a phone call from a local tradesman that we have worked with over the years and I very much

Como Park Conservatory and Me

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I grew up in St. Paul, MN, one of the lucky urban areas in the United States that adorns a public conservatory. The Conservatory sit like a crown jewel in Como Park, overlooking Como Lake and sits adjacent to the public zoo. Como Park is a very special place to us Minnesotans and even more magical viewing though

The Conservatory Olympics

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In honor of the 2012 Olympics we would like to take time to notice our very favorite British Conservatories! Starting with Horniman Syon Park Great Conservatory in Greater London The Great Conservatory sits on over 40 acres of parkland and gardens. The conservatory sits adjacent to Syon House where in 1547, King Henry VIII’s coffin was brought