Your Custom Conservatory Design

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  OK- We have established that the Conservatory is the perfect place to link your home with your garden, so how are we able to do this to make sure the design is right fit for your home?     1. First and foremost we must take in consideration your home and lifestyle, just because

There is really no place in the country that quite compares with Long Island NY. A rural and country atmosphere, heavily influenced by the ‘city’, you might call it ‘country cosmopolitan’. Miles of beautiful sand beaches and everywhere inland miles and miles of pristine oak and beech trees that dwarf even the grandest of homes. The regular

Solar Conservatories

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Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) An exciting trend in designing green, LEED certified buildings is the realization that a great deal of free solar energy continually falls on the outside of buildings. In many instances, this energy is reflected or absorbed as heat. Building science engineers and architects have been studying how to capture this solar energy in

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This Chicago, IL project conqures the question of the inside-L

Last spring Conservatory Craftsmen was honored to be specified by the Appel Design Group on a new construction home to be built in Livingston, NJ. When we received the plans we were drooling- such a beautiful home and the Conservatory looked like the crown jewel. But with all of this beauty came a degree if difficulty that our team was determined to overcome. The size of

In the beginning of March we were on site replacing this conservatory  in Ridgewood New Jersey. The outcome of the project is so stunning that we wanted to share the gallery with you! This was truly a special project with a fabulous outcome. Not only did we provide the homeowner with a show stopping conservatory we also fixed

Orangery vs. Conservatory

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Orangeries have become the most popular conservatory project in England today. An orangery is much like a conservatory. One deciding feature is more ‘mass’ on the wall design and less window. This differs from a typical conservatory, which strives to have little in the way of structure on the walls, and maximum amount of glass. The

Our homeowner bought the home with the existing wooden conservatory already in place. Having been built only 15 years previous, the room was a disaster. I also add that this room was built of inferior woods, not Sepele Mahogany, as ours are. All of the insulated glass had failed, leading us to believe that there

Conservatory Blinds and Shades

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roller blinds

When it comes to regulating the temperature of your conservatory the space needs to be addressed completely separate from the rest of your home. Not only will properly positioned, energy efficient window treatments save money, they will also help with privacy. There are many Conservatory Blinds and Shades options to consider:     PLEATED SHADES: Pleated shades are the most versatile way to treat


Conservatory Craftsmen has been perfecting the American Residential Conservatory for over 20 years. And 20+ years ago the American market was hungry for maintenance free (think vinyl siding)   - thus the all aluminium conservatory was born! Our all aluminum conservatory is perfect for pool covers as well, as you will see in the project below, because any issues with a traditional